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MIYAVI “Fire Bird” (2016)

Credit: MIYAVI; Edited by The SPARX Team

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Sean Wall

After a long awaited few months the Japanese international musician, MIYAVI has released his 12th studio album entitled “Fire Bird“. The title itself has a lasting impact as it’s a perfect pairing for the Summer. Whether it was done on purpose or not remains to be answered nevertheless, it’s interesting to see MIYAVI will never lose his mystique. Last year, MIYAVI released “The Others” which by my estimation was like an introduction album that focused on a more international level than other albums he released. Although “Miyavi” had that essence of international appeal. It’s not to say the fans didn’t get MIYAVI from when he first arrived on the scene, but the approach opened the door to new possibilities. “Fire Bird” definitely gives you mixtures of 00’s and 10’s MIYAVI. It’s a new age for the “Samurai Guitarist

MIYAVI would have already introduced a few songs from the album, only giving the fans a snippet of what to expect from “Fire Bird“. On April 29th, an EP was released, “Afraid To Be Cool” & “Raise Me Up” with each track having their own respective remixes done by Seiho & Jonny Dope. Honestly, it did fire them up (along with me) to hear what the rest of the album had to offer.

MIYAVI‘s “Fire Bird” album contains 10 songs with a bonus track entitled “Epic Swing“. The album was met with many praises as it was released on the other side of the world. Today, “Fire Bird” is now available for all fans and after listening to it last night, like previously mentioned on Twitter “5-star isn’t enough!“. From start to finish you are heavily invested no matter if you’re a  loyal, moderate, and brand new fan. Not that any of the tracks were bad at all, there were personally a few that stood out the most. “Another World“, “Hallelujah“, “Epic Swing“, “Dim It (feat. Rosie Bones), “Steal the Sun“, “Fire Bird“, and “You Know It’s Love“.

The beginning of the album delivers a strong opening with “Another World“. It has the nuisances taken from modern and futuristic club life. You felt like you were in a new world; another world other than your own. “Fire Bird“, the album titled track trailblazed with a heart-pounding opening and contagious chorus that instantly became a hit for me. Pretty sure anyone listening either got hints or bursts of adrenaline. Strike three as the first three tracks became a favorite bringing us to “Dim It” featuring, the lovely Rosie Bones. Ever imagine those secret spies walking through the club with the room moving slowly. Yeah! that’s one visual you will get while listening to this song. Think of the scenes from ‘Matrix: Reloaded‘ when Neo was looking for the Key Maker. Bones sings life into song following the lead of MIYAVI and his band tearing the house down with those music weapons.

We all have that special someone in our lives. They can be loving, danger, ominous, and even helpful, but one thing is for you do it for love. MIYAVI seems to have produced this song to showcase no matter what, the love for his loved ones and music would never be rattled by anything because “You Know It’s Love“. It’s something to be admired and appreciated. “What a wonderful time to be alive” truly appropriate given the way it’s being described. “Hallelujah” doesn’t shy away from delivering the message that personally you should be feeling inspired to live your life no matter the lifestyle. His blend of Japanese and English in this song is beautifully executed that harmony fits best, Amen!

It can be a contradiction, an irony, or simply a pun but “Steal the Sun” is a cooling off track that provides balance to the album. It has the mixtures from to genres that evoke a lot of emotions. The EDM side is subtle but compliments the rock genre. You will find yourself bopping your head to the lyrics, melody, and tempo of the song with each strum of the guitar, earth shattering moment of the bass, and beating of each drum. “Epic Swing” is the closing track, literally the bonus track that’s needed to end the entire album. You don’t hear any words being sung just simply the master, the “Samurai Guitarist” playing his guitar to amazing sounds.

The entire album is to be appreciated as he’s not like any normal musician that wants to shake up his style with change. With some musicians, they change their style only to change back to the normal sound that many fans grew tired of. In the case of MIYAVI, it may not have popped instantly as it did due to it leaving a bad taste in fans that have listened to MIYAVI since the beginning. However, MYV fans seem to be very forgiven and slowly adapted to his new style. When MIYAVI came out with “The Others” he cemented himself as a musician that will not stay loyal to his fans but create music for everyone’s enjoyment. “Fire Bird“, only exposes MIYAVI to a new level of international stardom. As this album is released more and more ears will be able to enjoy why MIYAVI is the NEW BEAT, NEW FUTURE of music.

“Fire Bird” is available now on iTunes &!

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