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‘Make Music Live Zen’ & Flow Simpson (New Merch)

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J. Johnson

August is heating up as new ideas and ventures are coming to mind from new music, new show, and new ways to stay in touch with the fans that support various movements around the world. Two individuals who are making big moves to the apparel scene is Tribe Chillin member, WAVE MMLZ & Spaced Life member, Flow Simpson. It’s not surprising, that when many artists want to expand their presence they head to the clothing line to have a more interactive approach to their loyal fan base.

Both artists seem to be taking a different route however, WAVE MMLZ is providing the hats and the shirts is coming from Flow Simpson. The beginning of 2016, WAVE MMLZ would release a photo depicting what his new hat line would look like, with applying a custom logo and layout if what they hat would look like via Twitter @wavemmlz

The hat couldn’t come at a perfect time as the winter season was drawing to close. It would give the fans of WAVE MMLZ a time to sport the various colors and styles the hat would be released in. Speaking of various colors, in the coming months, MMLZ would produce hats that had multiple colors and subtle styles. Yesterday, via Instagram, WAVE would post a photo depicting various items with the phrase “Coming Soon“. It’s only telling that more hats will be released with possible shirts, bags, and other MMLZ accessories.

For a closer look at WAVE MMLZ’s latest merchandise head over to,

Unlike, WAVE MMLZ the Spaced Life artist, that has been associated with Tribe Chillin members, Flow Simpson has expressed his interest in releasing his own apparel amongst his fans. It was tweeted yesterday by Proletariat Shawn that Flow Simpson would release his own apparel. Now Proletariat Shawn specializes in merchandising along with graphic designing that also loves to sport other fashionable upcoming apparel coming up. There were previews of him, WAVE MMLZ, and Flow Simpson posing with upcoming

Today, Proletariat Shawn has released new merch gearing towards Flow Simpson. Below there are various photos that were released yesterday. The photos were taken by Proletariat Shawn’s friend and Maggie Bertrandt. Maggie captures the visual appeal that is necessary. For sure if these photos are any depiction as to what’s to come in the future you should go over to the official site right now to get Flow Simpson‘s new gear at,

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