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Charlie Kim: “ROCK AND A HARD PLACE” ft. Phonetic ONE

Credit: Djeneba Aduayom; Edited by, The SPARX Team

Written by,
Sean Wall

The latest from Charlie Kim is a heartfelt song that even he’s produced. Kim loves to share his music with those who are willing to accept his style and passion he brings to the music scene. His very close friend, Andrew Thomas collaborated on a wide-range of songs the fans have been able to enjoy, but this one is different. Here’s what Charlie Kim had to say,

“This is a song one of my best friends and collaborators, Andrew Thomas, a.k.a. Phonetic ONE, and I wrote back in sophomore year of college. It came back to me while I was jamming with my good friend and guitar-player, Max Newman. He started playing this funky riff and I hopped on the drums and then naturally the song came back as if Andrew’s spirit came thru me and was like “Yo Charlie, we gotta get on this beat…” Andrew committed suicide a little over a year ago. I remember finding out via Facebook statuses from close friends…I was blown…this was the first time I’d ever lost a close friend before to suicide and out of all of my closest friends, I never would’ve suspected my brother, Andrew…the one with the big smile, heart and laugh….the one that everybody loved, the one with a hip-hop scholarship and incredible talent/potential and future ahead of him would be in such a deep/dark place that he would feel the need to let it all go. I guess I never really felt that vibe from him when we were together because we felt each other…and when we were together we didn’t feel so isolated anymore in our darkness. I love you brother Andrew and I know your music will live on and I plan on playing a big role in carrying your torch. Thank you for teaching me so much about life, love, family and friendship. R.I.P Andrew Thomas, a.k.a, Phonetic ONE…”

-Charlie Kim (about his great friend/fellow collaborator, Andrew Thomas)

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