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Dead Rising 4 (E3 Trailer): Mommy I Want A Zombie For Christmas!

Credit: Capcom

Written by UkNO

You can’t have a nice time when the end of times is upon us, but fans of the ‘Dead Rising’ franchise from the first game will be excited for a special someone to make that time a little better. Frank West! You remember those time you and Frank were kicking zombie a** during the infection in Willamette, Colorado? All the zombie-killing done in the past few games finally comes full circle when Frank West returns to Willamette in the wake of another massive outbreak. This time, the outbreak has serious repercussions of the city being overtaken by the walking dead. SEE THAT!

With leaked photos shedding light on the game prior to its official confirmation by Capcom at E3. The E3 trailer itself also shows the information that was forthcoming by many other media outlets (trailer can be seen below).

Credit: Capcom

Credit: Capcom

It’s truly hilarious that Frank West is just taking on the massive outbreak to the jolly tune of “Jingle Bell Rock”. There’s nothing like good ole tradition when a video game goes back to its roots but still remain fresh for those who’ve just come to the franchise as noobs.

Dead Rising 4 will take a bite out of the holiday season for Xbox One and Windows 10. Seems like the PS4 fandom will have to miss out on another massive outbreak. Stay safe my friends.

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