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WWE: SmackDown Is Going Live!

Credit: WWE

Written by J. Johnson

The WWE has been making a lot of moves from their main flagship show Monday Night RAW to the indie environment force of their development brand NXT. It was only the tip of the iceberg when the WWE NXT decided to showcase live events on the road in the United States and soon after began to have overseas shows. That only pushed the envelope for more eyes to pay attention to the product. With the grooming of WWE executive Paul “Triple H” Levesque, he’s been able to make the hardcore base appreciate what other promotions climbing the ladder to success love which is wrestling. Today, WWE has revealed a huge move that has taken 17 years to make. Sometimes there’s that old saying “it’s the right time”.

SmackDown will be live every Tuesday night starting July 19th on the home channel for WWE, the USA Network. Vince McMahon, owner of the WWE comment on the breaking news by say,

“This move will undoubtedly build more excitement and deepen engagement with our fans around th­e world.”

Another piece of news that comes out this groundbreaking move is that a new roster and new management will be spearheading the new era of SmackDown. All signs point to the enviable WWE Draft being re-introduced to the WWE Universe. Back during the Ruthless Aggression era (2002-2009) was the first time WWE every made a move to broad the think tank for the fans. This time around the vast amount of talent almost guarantees a successful and innovative era for the WWE. As for the new manager to head SmackDown to an unpredictable new era is Shane McMahon who with his sister, Stephanie McMahon heading RAW will be an interesting main story of superiority.

Only time will tell how long and how well this live broadcasting of SmackDown may last as anything and will happen in WWE at the turn of a dime. All we can do as fans and spectators is enjoy the ride as the new era is shaping to be promising for WWE’s future.


Sources(s): WWE

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