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World B-Boy Battle 2: Championship Round [Preview]

Images credit: World Bboy Battle; Edited: The SPARX Team

Written by J. Johnson

Not only is World Bboy Battle just an organization that deals with the art of dancing, it’s a Professional Extreme Breakdancing League founded by Frank Hernandez with a vision to showcase the best. As it doesn’t just settle for less the Pro Bboy athletes from all over the world have the drive to compete at WBB’s tournaments for a chance to win a Championship title, Grand Cash Prize, and respect amongst their fellow b-boy athletes. At times, World Bboy Battle usually host a multi-day tournament whether it be two or three days. The first day will host the ‘Qualifiers’ Round and those who prove their skills are the best will advance to the Championships on day two. World Bboy Battle is deemed the number 1 producer for it’s innovative and diverse deliver in the Pro Extreme Breakdancing Sports competition. PASSION!

Via World Bboy Battle about their scoring system is incredible as you see it here:

“World Bboy Battle’s scoring system adds suspense, drama and strategy during the competitions. Each athlete is scored on a hundred point scoring system based on degree of dance, execution, form, difficulty, speed, flexibility, strength, creativity, balance, and stamina.

Scores are revealed after each round and add strategy to the competition as athletes can plan and execute specific routines to maintain their positions or move up during the battles, depending on where they stand in the leaderboards. This adds suspense and drama during the battles.

Make no mistake – the World Bboy Battle competitions are designed to test the skills of professional athletes and produce a true Bboy champion rounded in every area of extreme breaking.”

Frank Hernandez (Founder, World Bboy Battle)

Over $5,000 in total prize money being awarded to the top 16 athletes with the winner taking home $3,000. The 14th of May showcases the Qualifiers at the Queens Community House featuring hundreds of Pro Bboy as the top 16 will advance to the Championship on May 15th. The Tribeca Performing Arts Center will play host to the Championship round showcasing those top 16 athletes battling for that Championship title and the Grand Cash Prize.

Here’s a little preview:

Don’t forget to purchase your ticket(s) for the upcoming World Bboy Battle 2 event & follow World Bboy Battle on their social media outlets for more breakdancing: worldbboystate | @worldbboystate | worldbboystatetv | worldbboybattle (IG)

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