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UFC 194: After Fight w/ McGregor Aldo May Retire?

Jose Aldo has been fighting for a long time. The current UFC featherweight champion has not lost a bout in the last 10 years. That’s up there in the Floyd Mayweather-stratosphere. So when Aldo steps into the ring for UFC 194 to face Conor McGregor, is it possible it will be his last fight with the company? His teammate and training partner, Andy Souwer, believes so.

“To be honest, yes. I think he’s done with it and ready. I will agree. Whatever he is thinking, it’s his decision. But I think it will be good for him,” Souwer said during an interview with MMAPlusTV. “Of course (he’s going to win). Jose is the top pound-for-pound fighter. He will succeed this time also, and it will be a fairy-tale story. I’ll put my money on it.”

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Aldo, 29, has been at the top of his division going back to his days with the WEC, holding an astounding record of 25-1. Although he has changed his style a bit more with age, Aldo has won 14 of his 25 fights by knockout. His most recent coming in 2013 against Chan Sung Jung at UFC 163.

Aldo has had a rough relationship with UFC president Dana White, which could be more of the reason for him to step away. White question the severity of Aldo’s rib injury when the champion was forced to withdraw from the originally scheduled match with McGregor in July.

Although acing a tough relationship with White in the past here’s what Aldo had to say about the circulating retirement rumors; 

“This won’t be my last fight,” Aldo told, “I think I still have other opponents to face.”

This fight with McGregor, Aldo believes that anywhere the fight goes, he’ll dominate. If the fight stays on the feet, then he’ll knock him out, but if the flight goes to the ground, he’ll submit the Irishman.

“If the fight stays standing, I will knock him out,” he said. “If he goes to the ground, I’ll submit him. This night will be perfect, and I will win.”

You can watch the full interview with Anton Tabuena here.

Source(s): MMAPlusTV

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