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Doom (2016): Single-player & Story

Credit: Bethesda

The upcoming “Doom” video game from Id Software is expected to blend old-school FPS mechanics with modern graphics. Snippets of gameplay were shown in a recent live-stream, and IGN has been able to grab a few important details from executive producer Marty Stratton.

According to Stratton, the game will have a single-player campaign and this campaign will have a story but it will resemble the single-player mode from the first two “Doom” games more so than modern FPS titles. This means there will be more emphasis on the game’s action, keeping the story in the background.

“We don’t put story front and center at all,” Stratton explained. “‘Doom’ is about doing this, fighting demons, using awesome guns. It hasn’t been a huge focus necessarily, but as I mentioned, we’ve tried to infuse a lot of mystery and a story that will keep you kind of playing and digging, if you want it.”

It is further pointed out that those who want to delve more into the game’s story and lore will have a viable solution. While the main campaign itself will only have a handful of story elements, more of the game’s lore can be explored via secrets, audio logs, an encyclopedia-like codex and other collectibles.

This ensures that those who want more to the story can get that without the story dampening the game’s relentless pace and action.

As pointed out in a report from Cinema Blend, the single-player campaign will sport great replayability due to the game’s design instead of a branching story. A great amount of emphasis has been placed on the Praeton Suit, the power suit that the playable character controls.

Players will be able to augment this suit depending on how they want to play the game, allowing them to focus on strength or speed. Customization will also be extended to the weapons, guaranteeing that no two players will be exactly the same and that each run through the single-player campaign can feel fresh and different.

Doom” will launch for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 this coming May 13.

Source(s): IGN

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