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“Sweet Tea” FUZZY

Credit: FUZZY; Edited by, The SPARX Team

Written by, J. Johnson

FUZZY has simply designated Tuesdays as the day of the week for releasing new music. It’s a special thing for he’s an artist that likes to preserve his voice, but keep in mind FUZZY‘s “B A L L O O N $” which will be available for purchase on April 29th this year! You can sense the soul throughout this track as he’s talking about ‘sweet tea’. Ask yourself this question, “What is the sweet tea?” & “Does the sweet tea refer to an actual person?” I think it does give the context in which surround that poised lyric “SWEET TEA!

FUZZY has the unique voice that I so happily described as a voice that is intended to cause a little change in the minds that doubt his talent. FUZZY may keep his reservations about releasing a lot of music, but one thing is for certain when he releases a song it’s one that will calm your mind and get you wondering what goes through his mind at the time of writing it.

Sweet Tea” has that flow like his previous song “Queen” ft. Dazer & Grindz, but it takes the route of reminding you how much of a good time you can have with the one you love. Whether it be relaxing and enjoying a movie, taking that person out for a good time, or simply saying those words of affection that makes the goosebumps show you will relate to this track. Big ups to FUZZY as he delivers another hit from his mind.

Here’s “Sweet Tea” by, FUZZY via his Soundcloud:

B A L L O O N $” will be available on April 29th! “Echoes Of A Lyrist” featuring, FUZZY will premiere exclusively here on April 20th! Don’t forget to follow his social media outlets: @fuzzzymusik | FUZZY aka Ehwhenkeem | Ehwhen Keem

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