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“Queen” FUZZY ft. Dazer & Grindz [MV] | “Maybe Its You” PNO ft. Fuzzy

Written by J. Johnson

Fuzzy is one of those artists that uses his unique voice to speak his actions. Even though actions do speak louder you feel that through the words of Fuzzy. It’s like we said in the “Honeycomb” article we wrote, “Giving those who are new to this music a taste of what he’s doing. When an artist takes their music as seriously as he does then, you have the right person taking over the mic.

Many times you hear songs about love and they really don’t say too much but have that sexual undertone. You can’t say that with the latest MV from Fuzzy featuring Dazer & Grindz. “Queen has the soft tone of a love song and the approach to the lyrics wanting you to actually listen to what they’re saying. If only we saw who they were talking to… Oh yeah, they show two women in the video so you already get a visual take on who they’re talking about. Another interesting part about the MV is the Spanish verse. Fuzzy has a way to emotionally grab your attention. However, Dazer takes one of many languages that sounds very nice when speaking about love and turns the song right on its ear.

Check it out below:

Can’t forget the other release from Fuzzy via his twitter. An amazing song that he’s featured on PNO, a Los Angeles artist that has featured the likes of Jason Chu & Fuzzy himself on a range of tracks. The mixtape “Cloud 9” gives you a taste in style of all the artists. A mixture of rap and singing hasn’t been done so greatly. “Maybe Its You” by PNO gives off that atmospheric vibe you will appreciate it. Like “Queen” it does play perfectly with the style of Fuzzy, but PNO has an approach that remnant of John Mayer, but actually better IMO.

Check out the song for yourself:

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