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“Warriors Of Wrestling (W.O.W.)”: The 100th Show

Featuring: Warriors of Wrestling (W.O.W.) | Credit: W.O.W.

Written by J. Johnson

Discovering the world of wrestling these days is not a hard find nowaday, but to find a promotion that has showcases some of the best talent and gives wrestling an amazing name that’s what you want to see. SPARX has been fortunate to be on the cusp of a wrestling revival in the indie scene. Especially since New York hasn’t had a frontrunning wrestling promotion in some time, but the W.O.W. promotion has reached a milestone that they can be proud of for on April 9th the 100th show will be a pinnacle event. There’s one thing that the commissioner, Rob Blatt has explained about the promotion.

“When this company started, there were all these others that swore we would be one and done, here we are 100 shows later, thriving more than we have at any point. We know that we have nobody to thank but the fans and hope to see our brand grow well up to the next milestone.”

W.O.W. Commissioner Rob Blatt (Excerpted from

We here at SPARX want to congratulate, ‘Warriors Of Wrestling’ for showcasing 99 shows so far. On April 9th, the 100th show will be monumental. Continue to keep grinding and putting on a great show.

There have been a few matches showcased for the event featuring WWE Hall of Famer, Billy Gunn & former WWE Superstar Al Snow who will be in action against a few upcoming W.O.W. wrestling talents. One thing is for certain the action will furious, unpredictable, and historic.

Given this match is in many ways ‘Teacher vs. Student’ you know these two will put on a fantastic match as too often in wrestling even bitter enemies were forged from once being friends. Even with the star power that is Gunn & Snow, the breakout star that is RudeBoy Riley, current W.O.W. Heavyweight Champion, has much more on his mind as he faces off against his close friend and teammate (The Scumbag Nation), “The American Nightmare” Logan Black whose earned his title shot against the Riley after defeating Rhyno this month. One thing is for certain as this match will test the friendship for at the end of the night, the better man will win.

It’s no hidden secret that unpredictability is the best friend of JGeorge as he’s scheduled to face off against the hardcore and traditionalist style of Al Snow. Many fans already know that JGeorge has taken his unique style to Staten Island and succeeded, making a suitable opponent for Al Snow. Although both have something to talk about with their careers like I said in the beginning, unpredictability is the best friend of JGeorge, but even Al Snow has an unpredictable streak himself.

Another match that’s getting touted for the 100th Show is Billy Gunn in a tag team match against the aggressive team of Hostile Collective, JustNeph & Abdul Nasir, & reigning W.O.W. Tag Team Champions. When Billy Gunn signed on to appear at this event, Hostile Collective didn’t waste any time to antagonize the WWE Hall of Famer and multi-time World Tag Team champion to find a partner. If you know anything about “The One” he doesn’t back down from a challenge especially a tag team challenge. He’s had a successful tag team career as a member of Smoking Guns and The New Age Outlaws. The young wrestling team of JustNeph & Abdul Nasir has one thing in mind and that’s to show their dominance showing the tag team wrestling world who they are, but the most important question is who will be the tag team partner of Billy Gunn?

Warriors of Wrestling presents: ‘100th SHOW’ LIVE on April 9th, in Staten Island, NY at Funstation USA. Doors open at 7pm, Bell time at 8pm. Also scheduled to appear are No Limits Champion Darius Carter, The Perfect Strangers, Kyle the Beast, Absolutely Caucasian, “Five Star Stud” Joey Ace, ‘Colossal’ Mike Law, and much more!

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