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The Walking Dead: ‘HE’ Introduced Himself!

Going down swinging! The Walking Dead season 6 has continually teased the arrival of notorious villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and a promo released on Friday, March 25, provides the first glimpses of him, in all his spiky baseball bat–wielding glory.

The ad shows Rick (Andrew Lincoln) encountering a group of Saviors in the street. The spot first aired on a Dutch TV station and promotes the hit AMC drama’s 90-minute April 3 season finale.

We can make a deal — right here, right now,” Rick says. The response he gets is sadly not a favorable one and appears to ignite a violent showdown.

The end of the promo briefly shows Negan but does not reveal his face. He is clad in a leather jacket and holding Lucille, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Lucille was his trademark in the graphic novels. “Hi, I’m Negan,” he says menacingly.

Hi, I’m Negan,” he says menacingly.

Last week’s episode brought the demise of Denise (Merritt Wever) and ended with Carol (Melissa McBride) leaving her friends behind due to her moral objection to murder (a crime she has committed many times already).

Walking Dead executive producer Gale Anne Hurd recently told Us Weekly exclusively that Negan’s arrival “changes the whole dynamic for everyone on the show.

Watch the tense promo in the video above.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

Source(s): US Weekly

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