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“Haresha In The Cut” by Haresha (Review)

Written by J. Johnson

Haresha is an artist from Arizona, but don’t let that blind take anything away from her talent. Haresha has been one of many artists creeping up on the music scene. Her style is something to be reckoned with as she takes her voice to another level for the fact that it’s all message based. It’s been some time where Haresha has been working on her mixtape/album, but now her work has been completed. Even though this is not a review of women’s position in society, but you can’t ignore the fact that women are “fighting” their ways to the top of the mountain for the success that men have for years. Haresha is among those women that have been making a difference with her music.

“Haresha in the Cut” is something to take into account for the title is something that means more than what’s being said. I can respect that about her for many women will possibly settle for the latter of success and be comfortable.

Yesterday, Haresha released “Haresha in the Cut” that contained 10 tracks of great music. Pretty sure this isn’t her best as she’s intent to give her fans a little bit at time as most artists do, but these 10 tracks give you the sense of who she is. In her songs like “Beach Chillin”, “Outta Sight” you can hear some similarities to Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, not taking any of her credit away, but those styles are not used in music of the modern era. Now the remainder of her album like “Follow Me” & “S*** Fucked Up”, & “Outrageous” have that modern appeal to those who are new to her music and may not feel the styles so mentioned earlier.

We (SPARX) actually have been sitting here wondering why we haven’t heard any of her earlier songs. It’s great to know female artist will never just give up on making music. At times, it may seem hard, but Haresha seems to grasp the concept of giving her fans what they want in terms of great music. Personal favorites have to be “Beach Chillin”, “Outta Sight”, & “Follow Me”. It speaks about who she is and how much how her dreams are nothing, but taking a gamble with life (sounds familiar lol).

Haresha hasn’t been on our radar for much time like other, but with this mixtape/album you can be assured that we will not miss any other songs from this artist. Her style is a dynamic refresher to our ears after listening to the modern era’s female artist sing/rap about money and being famous. Haresha is trying to start a revolution for herself and those who follow her message. She’s trying to become an artist of the a new generation, she’s in the cut and she refuses to be denied.

Check out “Haresha in the Cut” on her SoundCloud now:

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