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AOMG ‘2016 American Tour’: Follow the Movement

Credit: SIVA Group & AOMG

Written by J. Johnson

When we mentioned, AOMG was making big moves it wasn’t some exaggerated piece of writing. The artists of ‘ordinary’ music, has one thing in mind for the month of April.

On January, we mentioned a deal struck by AOMG & CJ E&M through a press release where it stated, “AOMG will ultimately lead in not only hip hop music but also in lifestyle and grow as the trendiest label in the music market, we will do everything in our power including hiring those who are knowledgeable about the music industry and expand and develop the label using diverse business opportunities”

Last year, we did heavy coverage on Jay Park’s latest album, “WORLDWIDE” where it was intended to bring more eyes to the AOMG’s music. To some degree, it did some good, but it seems like the United States to witness the Korean hip-hop stylings of AOMG. In 2014, Jay Park and  AOMG brought their music to the U.S., but their impact wasn’t as great as it is now. 2016 is the time for fans in the United States to actually hear some of the ambitious music AOMG has done over the past year (2015).


Here’s Jay Park revealing the news over his Instagram:

Tickets will go on sale next week on February 26. Promoted by SIVA group, you can find out more info on the tour’s official site here.

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