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‘Street Fighter V’ (2016)

Credit: Capcom

Written by Sean Wall

Street Fighter 5 will be available to play on Sony’s PlayStation 4 as well as PC and Linux computer systems and features cross-platform play between the three platforms, while continuing the side-scrolling fighting gameplay of its predecessors. With PS4 & PC owners are eagerly awaiting the arrival for the next ‘Street Fighter’ game. Capcom has expressed its desire to have ‘Street Fighter V’ last an entire console generation.

When ‘Street Fighter V’ launches this Friday, it will launch with only 16 characters in the roster. Despite having such a limited cast of characters, Capcom will add more over time as part of updates and DLC.

Capcom intents to make use of the market life unlike its predecessor by offering new downloadable content, to ensure players they won’t have to shell out for multiple re-releases multiple times.

We’ve been quite honest in saying that Street Fighter V – the disc or digital edition – is the only version that you’ll ever need,” said Ayers, during an interview with MCV.

As it’s anticipated the characters who didn’t make the cut from previous games will possibly be in this year’s game.

With all that’s coming out for ‘Street Fighter V’, Capcom has also released their extensive trailer providing a longer look at the characters you can expect to enjoy playing and follows on from the unveiling and the introduction of Necalli earlier this week.

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