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WWE: Roman Reigns & The WWE World Heavyweight Championship

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship has eluded Roman Reigns, will he finally become the champion any time soon? | Credit: WWE & Designed by: Sparx Entertainment

It has eluded him for the better part of 2015, with a decent portion of fans enjoying him the other fans have rejected him, but everyone knows what the inevitable is… Roman Reigns will become the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. However the question is, when will that happen?

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns has been getting “the treatment” for a while now. This is when WWE starts to make a guy into a major star. He will have him become superhuman and overcome all odds on his way to a top spot. Once he is there, he will remain close to invincible with some moments of doubt just to keep the audience on its toes. However, they will still win in the end. Of course, you know the process. It is old and most fans hate it, yet WWE seems to feel they must do it.

As a result, many fans revolt against the process and talk of their hatred for it. This is why Roman Reigns has had a huge issue getting over with fans. Even kids have begun to turn away, as they know that the old style of building a new guy just cannot work. This was why when WWE attempted to make Reigns before, they decided to go against it at the last minute and went with building a new major heel in Seth Rollins.

Rollins has become a huge star for WWE and is usually in the best match on the card for every PPV he has taken part in. Meanwhile, WWE has tried to slowly build Reigns, but have now gone all out with the fact that they need a new top star very badly. With so many injuries, most of the guys who could be in the spot are not available. There is really no better time to build Reigns than now, as fans cannot have a lot of excuses with it.

Roman Reigns | Credit: WWE

While some like Dean Ambrose are still around, WWE very well could be pushing him more within the mid-card world to hopefully build him into something in the future. Really anything better than what he has been involved in would be a big help to him.

However, Reigns is being primed for a WWE World Heavyweight Title run. When will he win it however?

There are a lot of reports regarding this. According to The Wrestling Observer, it is very doubtful Reigns wins the title at WWE TLC next month. While anything is possible in the WWE, this might be one WWE does not budge on. You can expect WWE to use a screw over angle where they have Roman Reigns in a great position to win, but both Bad News Barrett and Rusev will come to the aid of their leader, Sheamus. This way, Sheamus and The Authority can remain in possession of the WWE World Title.

In one year Reigns would suffer the lose of capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship via cash-in from Seth Rollins (WrestleMania 31) & Sheamus (Survivor Series) respectively. | Credit: WWE

When it comes to when Reigns will win the title, there are a lot of convicting reports on it. Some believe WWE will have him win it before WrestleMania 32, while others think he will win it by then. The storyline he will have at WrestleMania will determine which it will be. If WWE decides on him winning the title at Mania, he will win it from John Cena most likely as Cena could very well win the title at The Royal Rumble. This would mean that Reigns would have to win the Rumble, again, and go to WrestleMania once more to try and win the championship.

If WWE has him win it before, it will also likely happen at The Royal Rumble. He would then do the rematch with Sheamus at WWE Fast Lane, and then face the Rumble winner at WrestleMania. As of now, a few people are in the talks for that spot. Dean Ambrose has been heavily discussed; however, Brock Lesnar is the person WWE might end up using. Due to the fact that Roman Reigns really never got to prove he was better than Lesnar at WrestleMania 31, it would be a good time to give him that real push to the top. Sadly, Lesnar would have to win the Rumble to do it which might end up causing a lot of boos. This would literally be a redo of last year.

With this all being said, WWE has a lot of plans that could change before then. What are your thoughts? Comment in the section below.

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