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“JUMPER” Chief X Flow Simpson (Prod. MMLZ) [Official MV]

Credit: MMLZ & Tribe Chillin

Written by Sean Wall

SPARX has those few artists that they support and rightfully so, for reasons that are obvious. Potential. Even covering The Tribe last year in their feature, “Adapt Or Perish. It depicted the aspirations and the beginning of their journey to live their passion. The Tribe, themselves had one stellar year in 2015, performing at concerts, house shows (literally), and releasing a catalog of music that many will be able to enjoy. Granted you can’t always, please everyone, but this writer applauds them for the effort of making a music video that comes from the heart. All artists start from somewhere to develop a better career for themselves. They even self-promote themselves with results of amazing turn-outs for their live performances, but not many music videos have been made by them. On January 30th, The Tribe‘s own MMLZ (Wave) revealed that another performance with fellow FOXYMMLZ member Richie is set via Twitter

In this music video is Chief of The Tribe and Flow Simpson of Spaced Life, showing exactly why young talent nowadays will satisfy a certain status quo for music. Chief adds the humbling emotions of a young rapper and Flow gives you a hard-hitting style. Again like before many may give them flack, but appreciate the effort in which there’s potential for growth. It’s like when actors have that breakout performance. However in music you must try to gather a following of fans that will first support you, second want more, and third want to see you grow as a group or individual music artists. Anyways, the music video has excitement and a breath of freshness to it. You can definitely tell from the smiles both artists are displaying as their passion is being realized. I do recommend watching this music video for a few optimistic reasons; they may be new to you, the sound in which they bring, the Vegas appeal, the hunger they crave to be the best, and the fact Tribe & Spaced Life as whole offers some great talent that we support.

Here’s the official music video of ‘JUMPER‘ by Chief x Flow Simpson prod. by MMLZ

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