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WWEditorials Ep. XVII: Sting “From The Icon To The Hall Of Famer”

Sting (WCW/TNA/WWE) | Credit: WWE, 2K Games; Designed by: The SPARX Team

Written by J. Johnson

The Icon that has been heralded throughout his career as having a career “unparalleled” to most. That’s a distinction most professional wrestlers only dream to achieve as only a handful will ever be acknowledged to have (i.e. The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ric Flair, & Shawn Michaels). Even being acknowledged as having an unparalleled career than any other wrestler in the industry he’s been conducted as the face of two wrestling promotions (WCW & TNA) throughout his career. With a career spanning more than three decades, Borden aka Sting has cultivated a legacy as one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time.

Yesterday the world was given the first inductee when it was revealed via WWE that Sting will be inducted into their Hall of Fame’s Class of 2016. Many fans believed that Sting being inducted this year was inevitable due to the fact that Sting had avoided joining the WWE for many years since the de-functioned of WCW. Even though Sting has finally joined the WWE and earned his spot in the WWE Hall of Fame, many still feel as if his career hasn’t done his legacy justice even with WCW’s history merging under the WWE banner. Nevertheless, as a whole, the recognition of Sting’s career can’t be ignored as one of professional wrestling’s greatest of all time.

Many wrestler’s have congratulated Sting since the announcement was revealed:

In the late 80s, ‘The Icon’ dawned the blonde flattop with an array of colors for face-paint. Various rivalries with legends like The Four Horsemen, The Great Muta, The Iron Sheik, The Road Warriors, & Terry Funk. In the mid-90s, you’d see ‘The Surfer’ character takes to the ceiling above in silence, watching over the WCW chaos below wearing all black and his face-paint would be black and white. The N.W.O. was his major adversaries, but as he joined ‘The Wolfpac’ the colors of red and black was the mainstay until switching back. Throughout his tenure in WCW, he was looked at as ‘The Franchise” (of WCW). Even as a heel Sting wasn’t booed heavy for the respect the fans had for him (much like The Rock’s 2nd heel run via the “Hollywood” gimmick in 2003). From 2003 to current day the legendary wrestler has dawned the classic black and white attire/face-paint that that look is just as memorable than the man himself.

I and the entire Sparx Entertainment team congratulates Sting for becoming the 1st inductee announced for the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame. It’s well deserved and to be honest, it’s about time he takes his rightful spot among the hall of legends of the WWE.

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