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Whitney Tai: “A Diamond That Shines Brighter Than Ever”

2015 was the year a diamond shined brighter than ever before, but 2016 will be golden!

Written by J. Johnson

In 2015, we’ve seen some amazing talent from the squared circle to center stage of music halls. Some have shown their true colors that can’t go unnoticed, especially when they have the heart and drive to become nothing, but the best. Whitney Tai became a member of our family back in 2014 and every since we’ve seen the blossoming of an amazing artist. Whitney has taken her music to a whole new level that can’t stop her. As she performs in the New York City nightlife she gets higher and higher on the ladder of success. Her image in the eyes of many will remain positive the more she grows into her own, shining among the pioneers of R&B/Soul.

All year long the diamond in the rough has been shaped into a diamond that shines brighter than ever before. Any fan of hers can admire the evolution of hers as Tai continues to develop her talent every chance she gets.

Space Between Our Shadows” was released on July 15th, you can hear that Pop sound revolving around the soothing tone of Whitney. She always had that Celine Dion voice but taken to a new level. Hearing this song definitely has it’s moments. You can hear it the methodical notes carry in the chorus. For some reason, I relish in the chorus of many artists as they take that passion to the max as the verses have that same impact but just support the chorus even more. Hearts can’t tell time, but I know this heart has a new spot for this song.

Here’s a listen to “Space Between Our Shadows written and produced by, Adrian Buster & Whitney Tai:

In September, Whitney Tai was featured on a track entitled “Voodoo” with Kern & Meier. It’s a hip R&B/soul track that gives you the feeling of simply dancing. Tai, Kern, & Meier takes the essence of both genre to a level that can be beautiful, graceful, and edgy all at the same time. You can’t argue good music when you hear it. On December 20th she will be performing her latest album “Metamorphosis” at the Rockwood Music Hall live, she’s released an ebook about her poetry and inner thoughts to share with the fans that have supported her since day one, Next year Tai is set to perform LIVE at the Cake Shop in NYC.

The beautifully talented; Whitney Tai | Credit: original owner(s)

The beautifully talented; Whitney Tai | Credit: original owner(s)

Can you say that 2016 will be the year of Whitney Tai? It’s destined for Whitney to become a music sensation from the day she was born. Her family has been able to leave their legacies for two generations and now it’s her turn. From 2014-15 and prior, Whitney Tai only just laid the groundwork for the future that will become her inevitable success. The Rockwood Music Hall, the Shapeshifter Lab, the Paradise Lounge, and the coming of her performance in the Cake Shop is the start of seeing her reach that level where international stardom will be well deserved. If you haven’t gotten into Whitney Tai now is the time for you too can join her journey as a diamond that’s only shining brighter than ever before.

Don’t forget to follow the lovely, talented singer Whitney Tai on social media: @WhitneyTai | Whitney Tai | Whitney-Tai

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