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“Slow Down” By: J. Han [MV]

"Slow Down" by: J. Han; Directed by: Won Jang | Credit: Good Fruit Co.

Written by: J. Johnson

Right on the heels of coming out with their first compilation album entitled “The Movement: Vol. 1“, featuring some intriguing and upcoming artist one artist had recently released a new MV that presents a very interesting topic.

J. Han makes usage of rap has the message for everyone to pay attention to the life you’re given. Especially when it’s for the ones you love. Can’t argue with that given more artist & rappers need to use their influence to plant this kind of message in the masses of the world. “Slow Down” shows a businessman hard at work, trying to get his job done. It almost seemed like the businessman was stressed. It also cuts to a happy boy enjoying his birthday party with some friends. He’s smiling, but like the businessman you can see the discourage look on his face for a slight second. Afterward (I’m not ignoring Han ripping it with his amazing dance moves) in the background it’s obvious that the mother—could be the wife of the businessman is on the phone and a disagree is going on.

One more thing about this MV is the excitement expressed on the face of J. Han. Passion is something that can only be expressed when the individual(s) can show that passion physically, emotionally, and mentally. The dancing through the streets with the calmness of what seems to be a Korean city/town is enough to enjoy the MV along with J. Han. He has to tell me where learned those moves from.

The song itself has this anthem feel to it. Like it’s something most people should follow. Life should never be a race against time and seeing what you can succeed at in a short burst. Pace yourself. Look at the tortoise when he raced te hare. Who came out victorious? In many aspects we all begin to forget those who can keep the sanity that you may need. In success you don’t just make to the top alone even if those people no matter the capacity. Han makes that perfectly clear in the song’s chorus:

Ah! Hold on! Tell me where you’re going?
You’re moving so fast, you’re moving so fast!
You’ll missing this moment.
Ah! Hold on! Tell me where you’re going?
You’re working so much, you’re working so much
Slow down!
—Lyrics from “Slow Down by: J. Han

Does anything else need to be said? Always, but it’s for you to decide and sort out with the precious friend that is time. Take some advice it won’t hurt and just slow down; all puns intended. In the end of the video the businessman realizes that his life can’t revolve around his work all the time as he may miss out on the precious moments with his family. He finally, gets home and sees his family enjoying a day at the park as his son spots him and a smile between loved ones ends the story.

Everyone can use a little advice here and there. When the time is right to be active that’s when you go all out, but like I’ve mentioned earlier pace yourself and take engulf your ears to J. Han‘s latest song and slow down. Do it for your sanity, your loved ones, your friends, and do it especially for yourself.

Good Fruit Co. released their first compilation album “The Movement, Vol 1” on iTunes which is available for download right now along with “Slow Down” on the album! Expand your catalog of music a bit more with 12 more songs from a wide range of hip-hop/rap artists. You won’t have to slow down with that.

Check out “Slow Down” by: J. Han Official MV below:

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