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“Mystery Behind The Red Guy” Featuring: AJ Monte | Presented by: Sparx Entertainment

Written by: J. Johnson
Produced by: AJ Monte

Creativity as known is the capacity of a person to have new thoughts and to create expressions unlike any other. Creativity being a basic element in many human endeavors, such as art, music, literature, and performance it caries some specific characteristics related to the different personalities. Creative people largely depend on internal visual metaphors or thought visions that are extraordinarily lucid and clear. Some times the creative people are murky and tied to a stumble of unclear, tortuous thinking.

AJ Monte aka “The Red Guy” is simply a creative YouTuber that wants to share his hobby with those who tune into his videos each and every week. The YouTube outlet has been proven to showcase some amazing individuals that have made a name for themselves. However it doesn’t seem like The Red Guy has that in mind although if it happens then, the purpose won’t change. Even with all that we know about AJ from the aspect of him being a YouTuber that makes videos on a various scale we don’t quite know who AJ Monte is and why he became the “Red Guy”; I look at it as a second form of AJ or an extension to his personality.

Sparx X Adventures with Red Guy | Credit: AJ Monte

Sparx X Adventures with Red Guy | Credit: AJ Monte

Earlier this month our CEO DeShawn Ellis reached out to the YouTube rising star and decided he should be featured. Decided that he deserves to be known for more than what he does. So the Sparx team gathered and created a few questions tailored it to his lifestyle and personality. We wanted to know more about him and while pushing the questions his way he decided to make a video interview answering the questions we provided.

So please enjoy the brand new video and get to know a very dynamic YouTuber known as “The Red Guy”:

Consequently, he becomes conscious and open to the obscure, perplexing, and inconsistent qualities of most circumstances. The creative people possess some specific abilities, which include compassion to the problems and deficiencies; capability to amplify them; and talent to identify them in a way dissimilar from the customary or recognized. AJ Monte definitely has a future to take his hobby to a new level, but like he revealed in the video at this point and time it’s just not something to be considered. You can’t fault him with it. AJ has one thing in mind and that’s to just have fun with life at being a creative and healthy person.

Whilst using his imagination to make another great video to a new Missy Elliott track or the unveiling of the new Macbook Pro along with speaking about the features. Only time can tell where AJ Monte aka “The Red Guy” will go with his YouTube and his life. Creativity is a very wide subject that cannot be justified in the framework of limited words. However the cursory look over the different scholars it is established that the Creativity is an ability, which can be developed in a person with integration of the existing traits of the personality using variety of techniques.

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