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WWE: From NXT To The Main Roster; The Demon Is Coming?

WWE NXT has become quite a popular show in the last few years, and people like Finn Balor helped to make this happen. He is only a small part of the machine, however, as NXT has helped to bring back women’s wrestling to the mainstream while also having quality matches from Kevin Owens, Hideo Itami, Tyler Breeze, Sami Zayn, and so many many others. NXT is a proving ground first and foremost. If you can make it there, it is very possible you can make it on the main roster.

WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor has helped the brand a lot this year. With both Zayn and Itami going down as well as Owens and Neville being called up the main roster, plus Tyler Breeze recently going on up, Balor has been the only top name that has stayed and helped the brand out from a star perspective. However, this almost didn’t happen. Finn Balor was originally tapped to come up earlier this year around the time Kevin Owens was called up.

Sami Zayn was the person they wanted to bring up first and then Balor was set to come in toward the end of the summer. However, his injury on top of Itami’s led WWE to change plans and havie Owens come up while keeping Balor down on the NXT brand to help it out. Despite the call up, Owens remained with NXT for a few months but he is now fully with the main roster.

Finn Balor | Credit: WWE NXT

Now, it looks like Finn Balor could be joining him. Balor is set to join WWE’s main roster for house shows this weekend, which is nothing new for him. He has worked live events with the main roster in the past, and seeing him do it now is by no means a shocker. However, this does come at an interesting time in which WWE needs stars to make sure people come to events. John Cena is the only star WWE has right now, without injuries, who could easily increase ratings or ticker revenue with a comeback.

Cena is not set to be back with the company for at least another month while WWE has plenty of talent down in NXT that could help them. It was reported earlier this month that Finn Balor was set for many WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown tapings after the WWE Survivor Series PPV. We’re fresh off of Survivor Series, but Balor has not been seen yet. That does not mean he won’t take part.

With WWE Superstars Seth Rollins and Cesaro out along with a list of several others, WWE is in a need — now more than ever — for him. Especially if they plan to turn someone heel relatively soon. Finn Balor is done with NXT tapings for at least the next month but he will be doing some live events for them as well as working the December U.K. Tour.


Finn Balor will be defending his NXT Title @ the upcoming NXT Takeover: London event against Samoa Joe

He will be facing Samoa Joe at the NXT Takeover that will take place from the UK later next month which will put his NXT Championship on the line. With Samoa Joe being under a WWE mostly-exclusive deal, there is a big chance Balor drops the title to him at Takeover. Seeing as Balor would have held the championship for about six months at that time, it wouldn’t be a bad time to drop it. Especially with Hideo Itami and Sami Zayn both scheduled back soon.

However, before all of this, he very well could make an appearance on the main roster. Balor being present could surely help ratings, if nothing more. His popularity will force people to tune in, and there might not be a better time to do it. Due to the tapings he will be at, whether he is there to work dark matches or not, he could be of use. Who better to come in and help ratings than a guy people already know and love?

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has wanted Finn Balor on the main roster for months now. That said, do not be surprised if Balor makes an appearance before the end of the year. That does not mean his NXT time is over, though, as he may not leave them yet and have a run similar to Kevin Owens. Only time will tell if we will see ‘The Demon’ make an appearance!

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