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The Imagination Of Dan Nampaikid

Written by: J. Johnson

You could see the entertainment world is literally on fire with a lot of individuals trying to make their name shine above all. The internet is the widely responsible for many to be recognized for the contribution to the new wave of entertainment. Outlets such as YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and others social media have been the avenue to help with such names like Wong Fu Production, The Fung Bros., The Fine Brothers, PewDiePie, Thomas Sanders, and a bunch others.

Dan Nampaikid a name that is familiar with the Vine social media world, but has begun to spread to YouTube & Facebook. A lot of people would question themselves by saying “Who is Dan Nampaikid?” or “Why is he even famous?”.. See I knew you would ask that question so I have been looking at every source of information and the well of content that pertained to Dan Nampaikid. Honestly, he’s really funny when he puts his mind to it. The added pressure of being in front of the camera can plague any person, even on their 5th or 11th time. BUT Dan has that attitude of making whoever he works with comfortable to be in front of the camera.

You can see Dan, is one of those stars that brings his life into videos he posts on Vine, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Inviting others into your life take some courage and that has to be commended. Although being camera shy is one factor, but it’s also the imagination in which Dan Nampaikid take his videos. You can enjoy the young star being himself, only to transform into a ‘Street Fighter’ character, followed by a huge mock-fight with another friend or “committing” suicide for one his friends taking too much than what he offers.

Dan Nampaikid & Jerry Purpdrank

Not only can Dan make his videos with others funny, he’s been able to work a variety of individuals who bring that authentic humor. Jerry Purpdrank is one of the most recognizable Vine stars that appears in Dan’s videos. Jerry Purpdrank has a multitude of videos that shows him impersonating Lil’ Wayne. In many aspects if it wasn’t for Jerry introducing Dan to vine it begs the question if Nampaikid would even be on Vine. The world of Vine seems to be a huge network of individuals trying to get a creative edge for themselves with the assistance of other viners, but each one that has appeared in videos with Dan Nampaikid has recurred in many more videos to this day; Gary Rojas, Max Jr., Anwar Jibawi, and Logan Paul each have made a name for themselves, as well as appeared on many other shows.

I for one will never look at the internet’s social outlets as a just another spark, some have found a way to use it to your advantage. You can only make the best of what is there like Dan Nampaikid has. Dan is not only a funny individual but has a way to include his close friends into each and every video he does. Dan has honestly become a fast rising star that who can tell what’s to happen in two years.

It’s cited as unconventional to drop out of college to pursue your career or passion, but many have done it before them. At this moment they’ve been able to make their dreams come true by moving to California and realizing making videos is something only their imaginations can do. Without imagination, you will never be able to create a new sensation for others to grasp on. Dan Nampaikid seems to be heading in the right direction, just hope the mind of creativity doesn’t fall short of where he can go.

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