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WWE: ’25 Years Of The Undertaker’

Written by: J. Johnson

This past Sunday we got our first look at what’s coming up in November, which as we know is Survivor Series. However, this year there is an added theme to the show and it has to do with The Undertaker.

It makes a lot of sense. For those that don’t remember, in Survivor Series of 1990, The Undertaker was revealed as the mystery partner on the team that was captained by Ted DiBiase. Now, we didn’t know it on that night, but we were seeing a legend in the making. From that moment on, he teared through the world of professional wrestling that likes of which no one ever has before.

Last night those who tuned into the ‘Hell In A Cell’ event witnessed something that wasn’t to be expected of Brock Lesnar & The Undertaker. Even after that chaotic match between bitter rivals, The Undertaker will be in attendance at Survivor Series next month for whatever this ends up becoming.

The 50-year-old Undertaker didn’t show his age during that match. He did just as many spots as Lesnar, which continues his legitimacy. Both men bled accidentally as well, and that added a new element to the match. After the match, the crowd stood up for Undertaker and applauded him.

The Undertaker | Photo credit: WWE

Before he was able to leave the ring, Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family came out and attacked the Undertaker. Nobody helped the Phenom. Just like Taker did to Randy Orton several years ago, the Wyatts carried Taker into the back to end the show. According to Daily Wrestling News, this action by the Wyatts will lead into Undertaker’s next feud.

“As noted, WWE is advertising The Undertaker for the November 22nd Survivor Series pay-per-view with the theme of his 25th anniversary at the annual event.

“It looks like Taker will be facing The Wyatt Family but we don’t know who his partners may be for a traditional Survivor Series match.”

Given the options available, the WWE can go one of two ways. If they decide to have Taker and Wyatt lead teams in the traditional Survivor Series tag-team match, the Deadman needs a team. Kane is an obvious choice, but does Sting help as well? There’s no word on his status, anyway, after his match against Seth Rollins. If Sting is available, that’s a possibility.

One thing that Ross asked for was the appearance by Kane. He is Undertaker’s half-brother, so it would’ve fit the storyline. The only thing that won’t work is the involvement of Sting. He’s hurt and won’t be back in time for a Survivor Series match. Even if it is a six-man tag, it’s not worth risking further injury.

Here’s a look at the video that aired last night:

Source(s): Daily Wrestling News & WWE

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