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WWE 2K16: The Creation Suite All Hardcore WWE Gaming Fans Wanted!

WWE 2K16 is not only bringing back some very popular creative tools but will give gamers the chance to create their very own wrestling show, a new trailer shows.

The latest video package offered fans the chance to explore some of the game’s creative features, whereby 2K Sports have seemingly developed the Create a Superstar/Entrance features.

Here is the complete list of features that will be found inside WWE 2K16’s Creation Suite:

  • Create a Superstar
  • Create a Diva
  • Create a Championship
  • Create an Arena
  • Create an Entrance
  • Create a Show

Those that played last year’s wrestling video game, WWE 2K15, were left pretty underwhelmed by the game’s creative capabilities. WWE 2K15 was really basic in terms of Create a Superstar as 2K Sports seemingly wanted to put their own stamp on the game, which in principle is understandable after taking over their predecessor THQ in developing the game, however their execution was not so good.

WWE 2K16’s creation suite in the works… Maybe Charlotte could be in the game. | Photo credit: WWE 2K

Although, it seems developers are looking to put that right in WWE 2K16.

The return of many popular features such as Create a Championship, Create an Arena and Create a Diva will allow gamers to really put their imagination to the test. One of the game’s standout features has to be WWE Universe mode, allowing fans to control the shape that WWE takes, while adding their own influence on events.

Now WWE 2K16 will offer the chance for gamers to not only manage RAW and Smackdown, but NXT too. WWE’s developmental grounds might be a good source for experimental work, however the inclusion of Create a Championship, Create an Arena and Create a Show will allow the chance to create your very own competitive brand.

Here’s the trailer:

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