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‘KAIROS’ (2015) By: Jae Jin: Pre-Order Now!

Tomorrow, the talented artist Jae Jin releases his album entitled ‘KAIROS’. He has released many singles and songs along the way on his journey to ‘KAIROS’ becoming a reality. Jae Jin has been recognized by the likes of the Huffington Post and featured in the critically acclaimed Netflix series ‘House of Cards‘. All the while still maintaining his passion for music then, started a crowdfunding endeavor to release his debut album. It ultimately succeeded and now he’s able to work his hardest to put out an impressive debut album entitled ‘KAIROS‘ that can set the pace for future albums.

Now that time has come where ‘KAIROS’ will be open to all ears around the world giving you a story. A story that will be told through the elaborately artistic mind of Jae Jin. Like we’ve mentioned before, ‘KAIROS’ is an album that speaks from the soul of Jae Jin. It must be listened to from start to finish without skipping a single track. Guaranteed you will learn a lot from him in a musical, social, and personal standpoint.

In our review of ‘KAIROS’ we mentioned our top 5 songs, not saying the whole album wasn’t amazing in its own right, but ‘When It Finds You’, ‘Running’, ‘All Caught Up’, ‘Wild Creatures’, and Chemo Song had us developing some heavy thoughts about Jae Jin. The message is clear that Jae Jin’s heart and soul has been put in this debut album. That he wants those who listen to understand who he is and what his purpose.

All the while trying to get you to find your courage and purpose in this world. Without doubt it’s not a recommendation that Kairos is a MUST listen. Again we would like to thank Jae Jin for granting us the tremendous honor in allowing us to listen to his passion and follow the story that is ‘Kairos’.

Jae Jin’s upcoming album KAIROS (2015) artwork | Photo credit: Jae Jin

Pre-Order to get ‘KAIROS‘ along with 4 tracks from the album! ‘KAIROS‘ will be released tomorrow on, October 6th, 2015! For any updates follow Jae Jin: | @jaejinmusic | Jae Jin

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