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WWE: Will The ‘Rated-R’ Superstar Be Showing Face More In the WWE?

WWE RAW and SmackDown are having TV ratings issues. The ratings are down from where they were last year, and it seems like every year WWE is losing more and more people. Many believe this is due to WWE having an inability to make stars. Others believe it is WWE being unable to market good programs for people to pay attention to. Whatever the reason, it is losing fans, and WWE wants them back quickly.

This has led them to do drastic things, such as move up the blow off match with Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker to next month. This after Undertaker had more health problems after WWE SummerSlam facing off with Brock. This was just in August. Most felt we wouldn’t even get another match, and now WWE is doing a Hell in a Cell match with the the two. All of it is only to help draw in viewers. WWE is set to do yet another thing to help there as well.

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE is heavily considering bringing WWE Hall of Famer Edge back to the WWE for a televised role of some sort. Both WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and WWE Executive Triple H feel that having Edge back as an on-air personality would be a very good idea.

Edge (Adam Copeland) during his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame | Photo credit: WWE

Talks indicate that McMahon views Edge as one of WWE’s most under-appreciated stars post-Attitude Era and credits him with a large part of SmackDown’s success. While it is a given that Edge wouldn’t be returning to wrestle or take any bumps, the interest is in having as an on-air personality on WWE TV.

WWE is still interested in bringing back his character to WWE programming, which means we might end up seeing Christian as well. The idea right now is that WWE could bring him in as a General Manager or something along those lines.

The only problem WWE has is that Edge might be in high demand soon. He is one of the big stars of this season’s The Flash series on The CW. He is playing notable DC character The Atom Smasher. He has been featured heavily in the new season’s trailer, and filming for the show is not yet wrapped. It is said that if he performs well in that series, he may be used more in the DC Universe and it could get him some attention from Hollywood. Edge may very well not be interested in a WWE role at this point.

It is interesting that WWE is considering bringing him back, however. The only issue with fans is that this must be one of the drastic ideas the company has. It will be interesting to see how far they go.

What are your thoughts on this sudden interest in bringing back Edge to the WWE? Do you think it’s a smart move? Will it end up blowing up in the WWE’s face? Will fans have a distasteful response to the idea? Comment your thoughts below.

Source(s): Daily Wrestling News, IGN, & CW

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