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‘Beggars’ by: IAMMEDIC ft. Deen

By: Sean Wall

It didn’t take long for IAMMEDIC, to decide on what their creative minds could do next as part 2 of their most recent album ‘RISE‘ is due to come out. Artwork has been done by the enigmatic member of IAMMEDIC; Enik Lin that points to ‘RISE pt. 2‘ like their other albums will the best one only for the passion shown to put out the best songs.

Released on the 25th of August was the start for what I could personally say, is on my ‘Top 5’ songs from this electro-pop band. It’s has that club scene vibe to it, but instead of the intense dancing you just let your hips do the dancing for ya.  ‘Beggars‘ features Deen an artist that makes a great addition to the IAMMEDIC family.

We know IAMMEDIC is only getting started with pushing out the new tracks. ‘Beggars’ is one of those songs that you know they’ve been working on, but yet their talent of putting it together pay off in the end.

(Maybe there will be a ‘Top 5‘ article featuring IAMMEDIC or ‘IAMMEDIC’s Greatest Hits’. Hmmm…)

So take a listen to the brand new track by IAMMEDIC entitled ‘Beggars‘ featuring Deen. The track is available for free download from soundcloud right now!

Stay tuned to IAMMEDIC on SoundCloud and Facebook for more updates/releases!

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