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Tavonte Woods

By: J. Johnson

Oddly enough, the basic root of the word was originally an ancient weight or money for the payment for goods and services in the ancient world. So in simple words, we can say that a talent is something which is very valuable and more than anything in the world.

Everyone on the planet Earth has their own capacity and talent. The only thing some people explores it and some not. Some blames on their fate of not having any talent without trying to figure out their own talent.

Tavonte Woods aka T Woods has talent that has been explored for some time. His range of grasping an audience can be relatable on many levels. In ‘New Day’; a song/MV he made back in 2012, you can hear the aspirations and the time he’s ready to reach a new level in his career. Although a lot of artists today use different approaches Tavonte, takes the more moderate approach to music.

In a way he’s been able to push a persona as an underrated, uncrowned young king. While listening to a few I can honestly say without a doubt that T Woods future as being an artist has a better future for himself. His music is the modern evolution of today. Listen to ‘Summer Days’ it will give you the reassurance of what he’s talking about.

Oddly enough I don’t like too many artist that use the illusions of this country as a way to make themselves famous or known, but the way Tavonte does it has an appeal that I say to myself “Give it a chance”. Especially since he’s a young artist that’s finding the style that best suits him. All artist have a way of trying to find their identity with their talent.

Play Your Part”: It’s that way of saying that his work is done in a way that only way he’s going to be down with you is for you {SAY THE TITLE}. The beat is something to mess with him… You have to beg the question where does Tavonte get the motivation to make his passion feel real.

Life Goes On”: You live your life the best you can whether it’s through working the best you can to live comfortably or to succeed in your dreams (which all of us have). T Woods takes this track and makes it clear that nobody will steal his opportunity for the time to succeed with the God given passion/talent that some don’t have the opportunity to live.

Stay Strong”: When I say he has a moderate approach it’s a mix of modern day hip hop and a positive side. It’s the way hip/hop and rap could be, but a lot of is tainted with the shallow trends. So my kudos to Tavonte.

You know what’s really inspiring? It’s the fact that Tavonte’s dream of making his dream worth something to live is something I can’t argue with. I don’t know the man personally, but his drive is what a ‘Young King’ should do and it’s admirable. Tavonte has a future for him to be a great artist. He can change minds and ways the game can be played. It’s definitely a come up for the young artist, but only the future can tell of his success if he continues to do what he’s been doing since he’s started.

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Don’t forget T Woods’ debut album ‘Young Kings’ is coming soon!


T Woods ‘Young King’ album artwork

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