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‘Street Fighter V’: NECALLI

Street Fighter V is adding a brand new fighter to its competitive street brawler series and you’ll want to remember his name: Necalli. From the official trailer Capcom has dropped on the last day of EVO 2015, it looks like Necalli is big, buff, crushes opponents with his killer hair and just might be angrier than Akuma.

It’s clear Capcom has dropped a beast into the fray with Necalli. Everyone from casual players to eSports competitors will have to watch out for this guy. You’ll have the same thoughts after you watch the trailer (below).

Capcom Community Manager Peter Rosas has shared even more details on Necalli’s “savage” gameplay experience via the official PlayStation Blog.

“Hailing from a mysterious background, Necalli utilizes a wild, animalistic fighting style to brutalize his opponents. There’s no finesse here as all of his attacks have been forged through the heat of battle to inflict maximum pain upon his opponents. However, beneath the surface of the crazed warrior lies a hidden genius that is unleashed upon V-Trigger activation.”

Necalli’s V-Trigger move is called “Torrent of Power.” It changes his hair color to a glowing, bright red color and gives him a new attitude plus new combos and Critical Art. (Am I the only geek seeing the Super Saiyan similarities here?) Overall, Peter Rosas recommends this wild fighter to players who like to keep things up close and personal.

“Players who enjoy a straight forward, hard hitting character will feel right at home with Necalli, as he possesses a wide variety of savage, close range attacks, as well as a command grab, all with the goal of demolishing his foes.”

The Necalli reveal is the first of four all-new characters who will make their debut in Street Fighter V. According to Shoryuken, the game’s starting roster will include sixteen fighters and all four new characters are anticipated to be part of that line up.

With Capcom’s recent announcement that all characters will be fully unlockable through regular gameplay in Street Fighter V, the publisher seems to be taking strides to try some new moves in an effort to improve the overall gameplay experience. Necalli will also certaily mix things up by bringing a fresh, unique fight style to a series filled with iconic characters whose fight styles, although classic, haven’t changed too much over the years.

What do you think? Is the addition of Necalli a step in the right direction for Street Fighter V? Comment below.

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