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WWE: Sting and The Undertaker Coming To ‘The Biggest Party Of The Summer’?

Huge news was leaked this week about a huge return for WWE Battleground. A reddit user who has spoiled the signing of Samoa Joe, the arrival of Kevin Owens on Raw and much more has revealed that The Undertaker would make his return at Battleground on Sunday. Since then, PWInsiderreported on Thursday that Undertaker is coming back to build to a match at SummerSlam reported on Thursday that Sting will also appear at SummerSlam as well.

This is huge news and something that usually only happens at WrestleMania each year. Sting has only wrestled in one match since signing with the WWE, his loss to Triple H at WrestleMania this year. Undertaker has mainly only wrestled at WrestleMania events, although he has made some other WWE appearances as well, but not in a couple of years.

The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31 last year. | Image via WWE

The Undertaker WWE appearance is supposed to actually set him up for a match at SummerSlam. The Sting appearance is unknown at this time concerning whether or not it will be a match or another appearance.

A couple of options could see Undertaker come back to avenge Kane, after WWE champion Seth Rollins injured him on Monday night. Undertaker could also come back to form a tag team with Kane once again, possibly the last appearance of the Brothers of Destruction tag team. As for what Sting could be there for, it could possibly be to set up both men’s retirement match at WrestleMania next year.

WWE Battleground is Sunday on the WWE Network. SummerSlam takes place on August 23 in New Jersey and WrestleMania will take place on April 3, 2016 in Dallas, Texas.

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