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It’s been a long while since MC Jin has graced us with his presence on the big screen whether it be in Hong Kong or here in the states. Personally wish he did more roles on tv or film to see how his career would go from there, but obviously ‘the big man upstairs’ had a different route for the rapping-comedian. Makes you wonder when will be back on the big screen…. Maybe sooner than we think.

Back in 2003, following the largely great success of the first installment to The Fast and Furious franchise the second film would take Brian Walker (Paul Walker) down to Miami where he works with ex-con/friend Roman Pierce (Tyrese Gibson) and Monica Fuentes (Eva Mendes) trying to bring down a drug lord. The film would introduce a few friends along the way that were close to Walker’s characters. Tej Parker (Ludacris), Suki (Devon Aoki), and Jimmy (Jin Auyeung aka MC Jin). Aoki’s & Jin’s characters never made a return to the franchise after this film. Although Aoki’s character had great significance to the 2nd film, a lot was divulged about Jimmy.

From left to right Roman (Tyrese), Brian (Paul Walker), Suki (Devon Aoki), Jimmy (Jin Auyeung aka MC Jin), & Tej (Ludacris) | 2Fast 2Furious

Questions like:

“How did Jimmy, meet Brian?” “Where did they end up meeting?” “How did they become close friends?”

But one question in many fans mind is: Where did Jimmy go?

Good question! Where did Jimmy go? It’s like he got swept off the planet by some alien force or something… (cheesy & not funny I know)… Maybe he moved to NY to start a new life, like do open mic nights in comedy clubs, & start a family.

It’s just speculation really… Even MC Jin himself has asked that question himself. You know what he said:

That video was pretty funny you know why? Because even when you hear Jin talks about it the wonder in his tone of voice completely changes. We’ve seen characters be introduced to the series earlier only to return in later Fast & Furious future installments (i.e. Letty, Mia, Tej, Roman, & Han). It’s long enough Jimmy can make an appearance trying to save friends that are close to Brian.

Things have gotten serious, meaning more and more people have wondered where Jimmy has gone and on the heels of an obvious Fast & Furious 8 due to release in 2017 after a mega-success of Furious 7, Jin has made a petition to bring back Jimmy.

We would like your help in this venture as there’s one thing Jin has said,

“Every morning when I wake up I look at this mountain, I’m like “aight” what am I going to do to make some sort of progress or advance over this mountain?”

It’s a hard-hitting question for all of us that has some sort of dream. Not only is this action Jin’s taking his only dream, his new road he’s discovering for comedy, trying to make his acting career be on the coming up. It’s what the petition is about; dreams that want to become a reality.

His goal is to capture 100K signatures for this petition. You can do your part by signing it and sharing it amongst your friends and family.

Here’s the link to the petition: #Furious8BringBackJimmy | Follow Jin on twitter:

Follow the journey as it unfolds here @

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