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WWE: The Reigns/Wyatt Feud Is Something Both Superstars Need

It looks like Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt’s feud is exactly what the two men need in order to stoop to levels never achieved before by any other WWE superstar in the past.

WWE’s “New Face of Fear” Bray Wyatt is clearly conducting a campaign of fear against former Roman Reigns and this feud will see them go toe-to-toe at WWE Battleground on July 19.

The two WWE superstars are hardly scraping the surface of this feud. That being said, Battleground is an apt place to start, however it is not the place to finish as the two men need more time.

Considering that Wyatt is in his element at the moment, this should be much more than just a one-and-done rivalry. For the past week, Wyatt has stalked Reigns with one dark promo after another, and needless to mention he has done so in a classic Wyatt fashion, using menacing and riddles, Bleacher Report noted.

Wyatt has taken what began as interference at Money in the Bank and created so much more. Wyatt has actually laid the groundwork for an epic run that could propel both men to levels not dreamed possible in the past.

Reigns on the other hand seems ready to take the mantle of WWE’s top guy, the role wrestling fans across the globe have been sizing him up for since the day he first stepped into the squared ring.

WWE’s upcoming pay-per-view (PPV) may be when everyone gets the answer as the obvious future megastar takes on Bray Wyatt. However, facing Wyatt in a straightforward singles format may be Reigns’ tallest order so far, Auburnpub noted.

Wyatt was the one to draw first blood when he held a photo of Roman’s daughter and sang “I am Little Teapot,” mocking “The Powerhouse.” Without a doubt, this was one of the freakiest moments the WWE Universe had seen from Wyatt, and obviously that suits his character.

To end this with just one match will destroy any progress made as the emotional investment from fans is building. Clearly, both Reigns and Wyatt need this feud to continue as the entertainment value is there, and so is the intensity.

Roman Reigns & Bray Wyatt will collide at WWE Battleground on July 19th; Live on the WWE Network.

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