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Bethesda Teases New ‘DOOM’ for E3 2015

Credit: Bethesda

Video game publisher Bethesda has released a video teasing the first public appearance of “DOOM,” a new entry in the first-person shooter series, for E3 2015. The video was uploaded Monday on Bethesda Softworks UK’s YouTube page.

The video is only 11 seconds long, but the just uploaded footage of “DOOM” marks the first publicly released video of the re-imagined franchise for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It also appears “DOOM” will be the game Bethesda promotes the most at its E3 2015 conference, which unbelievably enough, will be the first E3 conference for the company. Of course, Bethesda is likely to have more surprises up its sleeves besides “DOOM,” with “Fallout 4” being the most requested announcement by fans.

Bethesda will hold its first E3 conference at the Los Angeles convention on June 14, Sunday at 7 p.m. Pacific / 10 p.m. Eastern.

Last year, Bethesda showed off gameplay footage of “DOOM” exclusively at Quakecon 2014. Game Informer wrote a detailed preview of the event, describing the impressive footage on display. The demo featured a spectacular display of violence, being compared to the Fatalities of “Mortal Kombat.”

New Doom game will make its appearance at this year's E3 conference.

“The demo quickly turned into a slaughter with demons getting shot up and then torn to shreds,” Game Informer wrote. “Skulls were crushed, jaws were ripped in half, heads stomped from above, arms completely torn off, necks snapped, bodies kicked over railings, and in one memorable case, a heart ripped out of a giant demon’s chest and punched down its own throat, where it then exploded.”

Players who pre-ordered “Wolfenstein: The New Order” will receive a beta of the new ‘DOOM” game, which will presumably be released this year.

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