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Domz: ‘Established In ’94’


The term has been loosely thrown around to describe this current generation, but the way we want to use the word is to describe something good about this generation. If there’s one thing that the Millennials have proven that is your passion can be reality when you dedicate yourself. From entrepreneurs to singers the increase of personalities in those industries is staggering.

Music is my muse, my inspiration to live. No matter how you feel, there is always a certain song that you can relate to. The feeling you get while listening to music, is unexplainable. Domz a songwriter/singer/producer/rapper/model is best described in this way about how he feels towards music.

Domz performing in Reno, NV on April 19th

It is possible to write pages about the topic of music and why it is important, but Domz has proven that his passion is his life and without who will he be as person. The art of taking words and melodies, and amorously putting them together that in turn form a masterpiece that appeals not only to the ear, but also to the heart.  From the girls to the popularity, to the photoshoots and newspaper print, he’s been able to sustain a life that most young adults would only dream to get.

Domz first started at the age of 12 making music, but this Californian native has done tremendous for himself and still going.

Fast forward to now still where Domz has established his name to be spoken among 1,000s who show his support every time he releases a brand new track. Take a look at his recent release “Make You Famous” where 2,000 ears listened to the new track immediately. It shows that his career as a rapper will never stop until he sees fit.

What does his future look like from here? Can Domz produce his greatest song of all time? Or is he just waiting for that next big opportunity to present itself? Either way Domz has proven that his life can only excel. The music he produces says it all for he is and what he wants to become.

“When I’m not being the class clown in school, I’m busy at home working and writing music in my home studio. I love being able to express my feelings through my music.”

Take listen to his latest track entitled ‘Make You Famous’:

Our personal statement with Domz is he’s truly gifted and shows tremendous promise for the coming years. From hear the most recent music that he’s been able to produce it has been nothing, but a process of getting better and better. We see Domz being in the spotlight in the next 3-4 years. Especially with the fans and talent behind him.

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