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Miguel, ‘Wildheart’ (2015) Review By: Kyle Pinaro

Wildheart Review

ByKyle Pinaro

   It’s been nearly three years since Miguel has released an album, and now the follow up to the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Kaleidoscope Dream is finally here. Miguel has always been a force to be reckoned with, proving he can not only carry a tune but write deep meaningful lyrics, and sometimes dark and downright dirty songs as well. But how exactly does the new album compare to his early efforts and three song EP’s?

   Well it’s pretty safe to say this is his best work by a long shot. The content of the LP ranges from social out casting to being deeply in love with his woman, and it’s all served over some pretty incredible production and only one feature. The album never feels too long and the songs aren’t drawn out, from the moment the beat kicks in lyrics come into focus and the track sort of breezes by like a blanket of air. Guitar riffs that are pure gold play a huge part on the album along with a lot of self-production on Miguel’s part, but the voice distortion is what really puts the album on a whole other echelon. Many singers and even rappers have tried to dabble with distortion but it usually lacks depth or even purpose. The album just feels very well done all in all, it has something a lot of albums lack lately and that is coherence and consistency, which play a huge part when it comes to replay value and album status. Also, the influences Miguel has said play a huge part in his musical style, Prince especially, are present on this album but never feel overpowering. Almost as if they were just sitting on the sidelines giving pointers not Miguel being a copycat, that’s what makes it so worthwhile.

   With that said, the album is absolutely mind blowing and absolutely breathtaking, and it’s just really some of the best stuff out right now and maybe for the past two years. Lyrically it’s a triumph and sonically it’s just groundbreaking and I cannot praise it any more because it would result in beating the subject to death. Go and listen to this album you wont be disappointed.

Score: 5/5

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