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Justice League: Gods & Monsters (2015)

DC Fans who have made it a point to watch the animated version of the Justice League know for a fact that it may only be the plots which will be different yet seeing the same bunch of heroes (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman among others) fending off the dark side.

However, in another upcoming animated movie titled “Justice League: Gods and Monsters,” don’t expect to see any of the regulars. Rather, fans will see a darker cast of heroes, descendants who find themselves framed for the murder of famed scientists such as Ray Palmer, Victor Fries and Silas Stone.

Rather than the original JLA members, fans will be seeing a different kind of team.

First off is a different kind of Superman who is actually the son of General Zod and a familiar nemesis of Superman from the planet Krypton. Though he is expected to be short-tempered, it seems that he will not be as evil as his father.

Rather than the real Wonder Woman, expect to see one of the new gods who is actually the wife of Orion.

And Batman? The Dark Knight will have Kirk Langstrom taking on the role as Man-Bat. With the aid of a special kind of bat venom, he transforms into a pseudo-type of vampire who preys on criminals blood.

So is it any wonder why some are saying that “Justice League: Gods and Monsters” stands to be a different and darker kind of series which may prove to be too violent to watch for kids? Well it has been done before so it should not be surprising.

Lex Luthor will be making an appearance but not in the manner that many depict him to be. Rather than doing some mischief, he will be out for knowledge.

Darkseid is another character appearing though it remains to be seen what he would be doing.

Check out the trailer below:

Regardless of the different kind of storyline, “Justice League: Gods and Monsters” is surely something that Justice League or DC fan will want to watch. The film is expected to be out by the Summer of 2015 for home viewing.

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