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What Are Your Fears?

The 2x Sparx Awards nominated comedian Shimmy has a reputation of being someone who doesn’t show the shy side of his humor. In order to grasp the audience you want to target being shy is not an option and Shimmy definitely knows how to do that.

Shimmy has asked everything from the ordinary to the very private questions especially to the wide variety of students of Waterloo Campus located north of the United States… Yes, Canada everyone. It does have it fair share of beautiful campuses that has a wealth of knowledgeable students building a bright future for themselves.

Even though the articulate comedian can have some great and anxious videos asking many probing questions Shimmy, can be an hilarious addition to take the pressure off of others that seem to not want their fears, private lives, or other aspects about themselves be known to others.


In this video of ‘What Are Your Fears‘ you can plainly see why Shimmy has the future of being a legendary comedian. He takes his time to be like your average person and shows why not nobody is average and that you too can be someone of importances.

And apparently Shimmy’s “biggest fear” is, “LONGGGG HALLWAYS THAT ECHOOOO!!!”

You have to love the king’s friend John that was just playfully rubbing Shimmy’s chest then, comes out of nowhere to say his biggest fear in life is the dark with a nightlight that he use to have and don’t forget the pseudo-attraction of cuddling with each other while watching Netflix. Oh yes friends are the greatest part of life when they can be comfortable around you in vice versa.

Although a lot of other hilarious moments occur in this video, it’s a normal thing for Shimmy as he implements that realism into his videos only to make you enjoy the authenticity of Shimmy’s work. You can hear the appreciation for the ‘Hilarity King‘ as someone says “LOVE YOU SHIMMY!!!”. He’s earned that love and we can only hope that his comedian career excels even further.

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:

Don’t forget to subscribe to both his YouTube channels: Shimmy & ShimmyHeartsYou. Check out his latest vlog “””Vlog Gets Hijacked“””

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