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JackEL Brand New Single Feat. Raskronik Entitled ‘Crazy’

Las Vegas has it fair share of great moments to be fulfilled when you land in Sin City, but one thing that has been on the rise is the constant presence of artists emerging in the forefront of Vegas.

From DJs to music groups the second city that never sleeps has been able to earn a reputation of being a place to not sleep on the music. One ‘Musical Leader’ that has been on the tidal wave of music success at the start of 2015 is JackEL. An artist of disc jockey talents to even producing his own music. He’s found that his talents won’t go unnoticed as he’s been able to snag the success that comes with Vegas’ glitz and glam.

In the past few months of 2015, JackEL has worked with the likes of the electric styles of DJ Fame, the beauty queen of EDM Nikki Phoenix. With his added exposure and dedicated hard with those names of Vegas’ bright lights he’s been able to release a new single with singer and songwriter Raskronik who just so happens to be in the ever growing music well of Las Vegas.

Entitled ‘Crazy‘ you get the feeling as the journey has already begun with an ad lib of “It’s about to explode! It’s a musical explosion!” That’s just it! JackEL and Raskronik delivers a channel of enjoyment only your dance moves can express. ‘Crazy‘ has the feel of that jamaican track, but takes a hard right turn into the house music genre that gets you bumping. Say hello to your brand new car music, others may think your crazy as crazy repeats, but ignore those gestures as the euphoria of music takes over your ears.

As this has already has the House, EDM, and dance scene at a buzz the added success will only continue for JackEL as his claim to fame gets closer and closer.

Take a listen to JackEL‘s latest single ‘Crazy’ feat. Raskronik on his soundcloud: JackEL on SoundCloud

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