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Pokémon ‘Generations’ Episode 9 & 10: The Scoop/The Old Chateau

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Last week, we saw the megalomaniac attitude of Team Aqua leader, Archie trying to control the vast power of Kyogre. The episode had an amazing cliffhanger with Primal Kyogre launching a devastating attack on Team Aqua‘s leader, Archie,and Admin, Shelly. In this week’s episode, we get two new episodes that have a very interesting approach to both given the upcoming national observances.

Episode 09: ‘The Scoop

Although Primal Kyogre attacked the ones that sought out to control it there’s another threat that’s heading towards the world. A mysterious trainer has finally gained the trust of Rayquaza after battling it in its Primal state. Now the newly form duo must stop a fast approaching meteor that could cause massive destruction. After the Primal Rayquaza destroyed the meteoric destruction heading towards the planet the mystery surrounding the incident was sealed away at Mossdeep Space Institution, but reporter Gabby and her cameraman Ty are intent on uncovering the true story of a lifetime.

Episode 10: ‘The Old Chateau

Welcome to the region of Sinnoh where ominous and mystery seems to be the natural recurring theme. You have some of the most mysterious legends and folklores it will make your skin crawl, but since it’s Halloween this episode takes a more creepy route. Through the Eterna Forest, you can get lost quickly if you don’t pay attention. This happened to a young traveler and her Chansey. Upon getting lost in the forest they stumble upon a house… an Old Chateau. What these two don’t realize is that they may have no way out after being visited by some eerie company.

Every Friday, a new episode of this new series is released. The Pokémon Company sheds light on the world of Pokémon giving the fans a never before look at this 20-year evolution.

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