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‘Super Troopers 2’ Turns On The Campaign Sirens

Comedy troupe Broken Lizard has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $2M for a sequel to their cult hit Super Troopers. The 2001 comedy about five zany Vermont state troopers who take delight in pranking people they pull over, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was purchased by Fox Searchlight for $2.5M. The pic grossed $18.5M at the 2002 domestic B.O.

Among the prizes in Super Troopers 2‘s Indiegogo campaign are such affordable buy-ins as a digital copy of the script for $10 and a digital download of the film for $30. But on the higher end there’s a $3,500 background extra-walk-on prize loaded with cast autographs and T-shirts, a $10K producer credit, a $15K hangout with the cast at a Los Angeles Angels baseball game and a $20K private stand-up show featuring Broken Lizard. And for a $35K donation, you get the patrol car from the film plus producer credit perks.

A number of indie filmmakers embrace Indiegogo campaigns because even if they miss their fundraising goal, they still get to keep the majority of the money they raised. Super Troopers 2 has 31 days left to hit its goal. After Broken Lizard raises $2M, they’re planning to start production this summer.

To celebrate the announcement of the Super Troopers 2 campaign, Broken Lizard made a hysterical, bawdy video (watch it above) where the cops pull over Rodney Farva (Kevin Heffernan) and demand that he make a contribution for running a stop sign. Farva’s response to the idea of Super Troopers 2: “Sounds like a rom-com. Is Huge Jackman in it?”

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