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Anthony Pettis/Rafael Dos Anjos – UFC 185 (Aftermath)

There was nary a glimpse of “Showtime” in the Anthony Pettis we saw at UFC 185 on Saturday night in Dallas. And it’s no wonder, as the first punch he took dimmed the lights.

The cut Pettis suffered was visible to everyone, enough so that he needed stitches, but the concussion he apparently suffered was the element that we couldn’t see.

Pettis started the fight with his usual vigor, but after Rafael dos Anjos landed a hard left hand to his right eye, everything went downhill for Pettis.

Dos Anjos certainly sensed it, keeping the pressure on throughout the fight, and beating Pettis to the punch… and kick… at every turn.

Dos Anjos catching Pettis off guard with a punch at UFC 185

“He got stitches on his eyebrow. Not a bad cut. He got seven stitches, and he’s got a concussion,” UFC president Dana White revealed on the UFC 185 Post-Show on FOX Sports 1. “He said after he got hit with that first shot he wasn’t feeling right for the rest of the fight.”

It’s not that Pettis was making excuses. It was the punch from dos Anjos that did the damage, after all. But it is what happened, and now, Pettis will have to retool his game to try and get the UFC lightweight title back.

“I didn’t anybody could do that to Anthony Pettis,” added White

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