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‘The Legacy Team’ – Featuring: YNMK Presented by: Sparx Entertainment

As an artistic form of nonverbal communication dance of any kind has been the embodiment of passion throughout time. The passion driven into dancing has evolved into a worldwide expression for any who take the art with dedication. Although looked at as an importance to culture as the language of the world, certain dances are immediately associated with a country. It brings pride to be able to dance the dance of your country in order to represent it. Dancing tells a story about their past and the struggles they have faced. In modern time bboying & break-dancing has become the top tiered ways of expressing the art of every individual involved.

YNMK is a young dance group that has the makings of becoming a inspirational and successful dance group with their continued dedication to the art. We were able to get ahold of the young aspiring group to get their take on the life they have come so familiar to know.

“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.”

― Voltaire

Sparx Team & YNMK Interview

Q: What is your name (s), and name of your group?

Founder and co-founder Mike Butler & Ryan louprasong.

YNMK stands for you-neek motion krew.

Q: Where are you (all) from? How did you get your name?

Ryan is from the small town of St. Charles MN

Mike is from Minneapolis MN.

 Our name was based off the unique talents we have individually, to create a community of dancers that aren’t limited to a certain style.

Q: Thinking back on your early childhood, what was your first dancing/competition experience like?

(Mike) at the age of 9 I had my first national dance competition. Nervous to say the least, yet confident and excited to be able to showcase my talent for the community.

(Ryan) performance at a talent showcase and had placed first. Ryan also was nervous, in the end it felt natural for him.

Q: How does your dancing connect to with your audience?

We always make it a point to tell a story through the music and through our movement. Each and every showcase we perform at we aim to please most individuals in any interests. A good majority of the audience will like the “cool tricks” we do regardless if they are meaningful or not. At the same time, we blend elements of story and concept for the other group of individuals who comprehend the art piece.


Co-Founder/Leader Ryan Louprasong & The YNMK Nation

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