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He Knows HIM, Do You Know HIM?

MC Jin has come back to the world of hip hop in a big way with the release of his latest album “XIV:LIX”. Fans had always wondered whether or not ‘The Emcee’ would come back. After the freestyle battle with Serius Jones, Jin would end up going through a rough patch in his career. On 18 May 2005, Jin revealed that he would be putting his rap career on hold in order to explore other options.

To make this clear, he recorded a song titled “I Quit”, produced by the Golden Child. The announcement was widely misunderstood to have marked the end of Jin’s rap career. However, he later re-emerged under a different alias, The Emcee, and freestyled over such songs as Jay-Z’s “Dear Summer.” He released a single called “Top 5 (Dead or Alive)” where Jin displays his lyrical talent in explaining the history of hip-hop’s greatest artists.

MC Jin – Circa. 2004

On 7 March 2011, Jin released a music video for a song from his upcoming English album entitled “Charlie Sheen,” collaborating with artists Dumbfoundead and Traphik/Timothy DeLaGhetto. The same year, Jin released an EP titled Sincerely Yours, a Christian-oriented and self-improvement-oriented EP featuring many positive messages about life and many insights on his own life. Later on in the year on June 4th, 2011 Jin would release another single, called “Shoot for the Moon”.

After putting his career on hold MC Jin, would make a comeback to the states, being an established artist that has gained international notoriety especially since leaving back in 2005. His experiences has taught him a few life lessons and career changing opportunities. Since 2009, he has become a born-again Christian only to show his maturity as a person. Although hip hop & rap has a stigma of vulgarity Jin keeps his music away from such by expressing his faith. Since his return Jin and his associates over at The Great Company has released the XIV:LIX album that has heavy faith tracks, referencing his life and career still providing his fans with the classic feel of Jin from years ago.

Along with his reemergence in the states, the release of ‘XIV:LIX’, and familiarizing the fanbase he’s started with MC Jin has recently put out a video with iknowHim—an entity that promotes the bond that one has with God—explaining his renewed faith and the influence it has on his life/career.

Here’s the video:

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