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The Fung Bros III: Asian Canadians vs. Asian Americans Pt. Deux

Written by J. Johnson

The United States of America and Canada are so close on the map, one would think they are exactly the same politically and geographically.

How about the political systems, which is how the countries are ruled, who makes the laws, and how different parts of the country are divided by political boundaries and the how the government is able to rule over several section of the country at once.

USA’s political system is usually defined as an “indirect democracy”, which is a government where people express their will and rule the country through the officials they elect in a voting process. Canada however, is a country created by Britain, and uses what is called a “constitutional monarchy”. A constitutional monarchy is defined as a form of government lead by an elected monarch as head of state established under a constitutional system. The USA has chosen another type of development and proclaimed a presidential republic.

Yes we can get into an in-depth look at both countries, however, what about the differences between, a group of specific individuals like;

Asian Americans & Asian Canadians?

The Fung Brothers have a way of explaining this and quite well we may add!

Now that the first part is explained, it seems like you’re probably for what strange reason is this proving anything. Honestly, nobody here is complete sciences, but to hear both sides of the perspective, from Asians that live in the general countries, and possibly have friends and family born in those countries it’s as good as any answer.

Shall we continue to the Deux?

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