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His Name Is Yang, Eugene Lee Yang

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J. Johnson

It seems like the internet can boost the appeal of a certain individual no matter what he or she does. Although when you have a vibrant and outgoing appeal combined with the integrity of social media wonders can open the door for you.

Eugene Lee Yang

The very name, speaks a long list of words that can be woven into a successful book. Book? Maybe he would… Oh no, he won’t… Please give it time to flourish and a book MAY come out of this.

Eugene is an actor, director, editor and choreographer of music videos and over the past few months social media… NO, the world has taken notice of what Eugene really is like from his personal to social lifestyle. One can argue that Eugene is just another cup of coffee that has instant fame for a short stint, while others have firmly believed that he’s going to blow up or has blown up and here to stay.

It’s not a hidden secret that Asian or Asian-Americans don’t get some of the rightful recognition they deserve. Since the dawning of YouTube stars and the social media outlet, there has been a rise in talented Asian individuals that proven no stereotyped-karate-timid is what they will settle for.

Eugene Lee Yang – Image credit to original owner

“This is the best video you’ve done so far.” is the statement that has gone around about this most recent project. Take a look at his talents in this video where the exploration of Disney’s beloved princesses is historical representations especially in the creative eyes on Eugene L. Yang

The artistic approach can be uniquely described as classic and profound in the eyes of the viewers. Eugene is continuing like many other talented individuals that want nothing, but to make name for themselves to evolve. To create a permanent footprint in the things they love to do. That can only be done with hard work and dedication and the growing number of supporters has proven so each and every day. Only thing can be certain from Eugene Lee Yang and that is the creative level can only become more and more interesting as he explores what he can do next.

You just have to wait and see. Keep up with Eugene Lee Yang on his social media outlets.

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