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‘X-Men Apocalypse’: New Cerebro Teaser

The X-Men movie universe is blowing wide-open in a big way; after the milestone success of X-Men: Days of Future Past (the most successful film in the series), we have a freshly rebooted timeline that will offer new opportunities for the franchise to correct the “mistakes of filmmakers past.”

There will be three chances to do this second chance the right way in 2016: spinoff properties like Deadpool and Gambit will expand the world of the X-Men, but the main event will be X-Men: Apocalypse, the direct sequel to Days of Future Past which will bring an iconic Marvel villain to the big screen (Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse), as well as re-introduce iconic X-Men like Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, and we now know Nightcrawler as well.

The storyline of Apocalypse will follow in the traditions of First Class (1960s) and DoFP (1970s) by jumping to the next epoch in time (1980s). There, we will see a fully established Prof X. (James McAvoy) and his X-Men team, with young Jean (Game of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner), young Scott Summers (Mud’s Tye Sheridan), young Ororo Munroe (Straight Outta Compton‘s, Alexandra Shipp) and young Kurt Wagner (The Road‘s Kodi Smit-McPhee) all in his care –  or at the very least landing in his care during the course of the movie.

How Xavier’s “X-Mansion” and underground base of operations will differ from previous X-Men films remains to be seen; however, director Bryan Singer has already taken the liberty of teasing fans via social media – much the same way he did during production on Days of Future Past. Check out Singer’s latest hints, below:

Clearly that is an image of Cerebro, the X-Men’s uniquely designed amplifier of psychic energy, which Prof. Xavier uses to locate and recruit mutants from across the globe. What’s interesting is that the Cerebro helmet pictured here (though hard to fully see) looks like it’s much more advanced and sleek in design than the ‘silver helmet’ version from the X-Men Trilogy. Based on the events and timeline shifts of DoFP, it’s hard to imagine what technological advancements the mutants of the ’80s era could possess. (We certainly know that their opponent, Apocalypse, will have some very advanced tech in his arsenal.)

Compare the image above with one Singer recently sent out, which teased an overall new design and aesthetic to the underground lair the X-Men operate from:

Bryan Singer X Men Apocalypse Teaser Photo 1 Danger Room X Men Apocalypse: New Cerebro Teaser; Quicksilver Confirmed?

The initial reaction to the image above was that we were finally going to get a full-fledged X-Men danger room in Apocalypse. While that early assessment may still turn out to be true, going by X-Men movie history (particularly under Singer’s direction), the concept for Cerebro seen further up above could indeed be what’s behind the mysterious door.

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