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The Joker Has Arrived In Gotham

Within the last ten years, the Batman franchise has seen much success because of its more serious direction. Starting with Christopher Nolan’s first movie in his trilogy, Batman Begins, it was given new life after creative attempts to progress the Caped Crusader in a more “family fun” (yet disappointing) direction with Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. The return to a serious direction has also trickled down to video games with Batman: Arkham Asylum, a title that received much praise and many accolades. As a result, the final chapter in the video game series quartet, Batman: Arkham Knight, is highly anticipated.

It should also be known the serious direction is also invested into televised presentations of the Batman franchise, too, through Gotham. Fans have surely loved the new angle, as the show is Fox’s best new series for this season. However, the fact it is set during Jim Gordon’s detective days, which are years before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, creative has an array of possibilities to showcase the franchise’s iconic characters in a sense of origin too. Right now, the show has shown the beginnings of Edward Nygma (The Riddler), Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin), Harvey Dent (Two-Face), Selena Kyle (Catwoman), and even Bruce Wayne (Batman).

However, there was one origin story Batman fans have wanted to see in Gotham: The Joker. Known as Batman’s true nemesis, it is understandable why fans want this. Now they may get their wish as a promo trailer for Gotham‘s upcoming episode, on February 16, hints to The Joker’s arrival! Television Promos uploaded the promo video on their YouTube channel, as shown below.

According to an article by Screenrant, the official plot synopsis for the episode details the name of the character questioned to become The Joker is Jerome. He will be played by Cameron Monaghan, who is famous for his role on Shameless. As for how creative will present The Joker’s origin, they pretty much have a blank canvas to work with. Very little — in which fans can actually say almost nothing — is known about The Joker’s past, even in the comics.

If Jerome is truly The Joker, as teased in the promo, then it appears that the aforementioned intention has been abandoned. Yet, it is possible that Jerome may simply be a part of said intention and he so happens to be another hint or tease.

What do you think of creative finally unleashing The Joker so early in the debut season of Gotham? For all of you who’ve seen Cameron Monaghan’s work, especially on Shameless, do you think he’d do a fine job as The Joker?

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