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Introducing Anthony W. Romeo

Freelancing through content and design has now become a marketing system and a quite successful one. You see people using the web as a source to ask for required content and are satisfied with many writers who are ready to give what they are looking for in terms of marketing, creating traffic to their websites and promotion.

Anthony Romeo is that freelancer that takes his writing into account with pride. His techniques have been used in many aspects of the entertainment world. His specialty seems to be the luxury lifestyle that has become a notable style in the United States. Although  lot of readers may be looking for something different, Anthony’s proclamations of the luxury lifestyle can hold for a good read even for the ‘averagely-modern’ person in the world (so by no mean don’t count out Mr. Romeo).

Anthony W. Romeo

Anthony W. Romeo

No matter what accommodations entails Anthony Romeo has the skills to bring out the best in what he’s writing. As an undergraduate, Anthony studied Communications at CUNY Manhattan. In that time he’s been able to assist and manage a schedule where he can still satisfy the recommendations laid out by his PR Clients. There’s no telling what futures hold for this young aspiring freelancer as he expanse from coast to coast (Los Angeles and NYC) frequently.

Currently working for Portage World Wide Inc in the wholesale/marketing department and acts as the Head of Marketing and Public Relations you can evidently see that Romeo intends to climb the ladder of the luxury lifestyle and use his writing skills to hold him up.

So please welcome our new ‘Freelancer/Contributor of Luxury Lifestyles’ Anthony W. Romeo to the Sparx Entertainment family. Please don’t forget to visit his website at for any information about this talented writer or inquiries.

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