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WWE: Chris Jericho’s Unannounced Appearance & Could He Be In the Royal Rumble?

Chris Jericho made an unannounced appearance on Saturday night at a WWE Live Event in Montgomery, Alabama. Not only did he just randomly show up at the event and appear before the crowd, but he wrestled a match. Does this mean he will be back on WWE television soon and possibly show up at the Royal Rumble?

WrestleZone reported that Chris Jericho did indeed appear at the event and wrestle the match. He was not scheduled to appear at the event at all. Actually, he wasn’t scheduled to first appear back at a WWE Live Event until next weekend in St. Louis.

Luke Harper came out to the ring at the Alabama event, and it wasn’t entirely sure who he would be facing. No-one quite knew who would step out from behind the curtain, but Jericho was waiting and tweeting.

According to Wrestling Inc., Jericho got a gigantic pop from the crowd when his music hit and he stepped out from backstage. He ended up defeating Harper with a “Codebreaker,” and many said that it was an “excellent” match between the two superstars.

Now, this lends even more fuel to the fire rumors that he possibly could show up at the Royal Rumble and put his name into the 30-man battle royal.

Well, fans may want to put aside those hopes for now because Jericho has not changed the word that his current WWE schedule wouldn’t include any television tapings. Plans could always change as they have been known to do before, but it does not seem like Y2J will be in the Royal Rumble.

Reports state that he is scheduled for 15 live shows in the early part of 2015 and through February. He’s scheduled to get back together with his band, Fozzy, and head out on the road again on March 4 for a three week tour of Europe.

All plans for WrestleMania 31 are not yet cemented down, and while Jericho isn’t on the proposed card as of yet, that could still change. He even has a DVD and Blu-ray coming out in mid-March, so anything is possible.

Chris Jericho’s surprise appearance at a WWE Live Event on Saturday was a huge deal, and fans will be hoping to see him back on television soon, but it may not happen. Never rule out Y2J from shocking the world and entering the Royal Rumble, though.

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